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Star Trek: Enterprise’s Scott Bakula Newest Star Trek Las Vegas (i.e. Vegas Khhaaan!) Guest

Well, knock me over with a feather…Scott Bakula was announced today, by Creation Entertainment as their latest guest at the 2012 Star Trek Las Vegas convention!!! (that totally deserved the 3 exclamation points) Do you guys realize if Patrick Stewart agrees to attend…that maybe, just maybe…we may get to see all the captains up on stage TOGETHER!!!! Oh my!

That would be the convention of all conventions to see. I can’t speak for Creation, or Sir Pat, but I can’t recall a Vegas convention (in recent years) that he didn’t attend, so the odds are pretty good. Not to mention that this year is the 25th anniversary of The Next Generation and they already have most of that crew (sans their fearless captain) on the roster already. Yikes! I can hardly stand the suspense! If I were in Vegas now, I’d put money on it.

You can see the full Creation STLV guest list here.

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