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Star Trek’s Jeffrey Combs In Nevermore, All Year Long!

Star Trek’s Jeffrey Combs In Nevermore, All Year Long!

We’ve made it no secret that we love Shran err Weyoun ummm Brunt …wait…I mean Jeffrey Combs (that always happens). So, of course, we’re super stoked to report that you can now see him all year long, live and on stage. He’s scheduled to perform Nevermore once a month at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles through the end of the year. *Squeeeeee!!!*

If you haven’t seen this one man play stop what you’re doing and go see it now. Ok…maybe that was a little dramatic, but it’s so totally awesome that I couldn’t help myself. It’s an amazing peek through the window of time into what it must have really been like to see Edgar Allan Poe in person. Jeffrey gives an amazing performance of the man himself…not to mention the poetry.

If you can’t catch him in L.A. but you’re going to be attending this year’s Vegas Khhaaan!!! then you’re in luck! A special performance of Nevermore will be held in Las Vegas at the Creation Star Trek Convention celebrating the 45th anniversary of Star Trek. This is a complimentary performance and will not require a separate ticket purchase! Get all the details at the Creation Convention Website .

This is a show you don’t want to miss, so catch it wherever you can. And be sure to check out our Life After Trek podcast with Jeffrey, where he talks about Nevermore and much, much more.


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