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Trek Culture Review: New Flavors of Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Trek Culture Review: New Flavors of Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

A new Bouboulette collection of flavors, the “Aromatic Collection”, is available at Nana Visitor’s gourmet dessert company, Un Petit Morceau. We ordered them. Ate them. Loved them! …and Reviewed them. All just for you…certainly not just because we needed an excuse to order and enjoy them ourselves…honest!

If you read our previous Bouboulette review then you know all about these magnificent treats. They are small pastry-like cookies filled with a variety of flavors from around the world that create a very sophisticated cookie experience. As opposed to most overly sweet cookies and desserts, these are truly exquisite gourmet delights, meant to be enjoyed slowly and fully.

This new Aromatic Collection is a wonderful addition to the other 2 collections already available, and we hope they continue to carry these all year round. Its four flavors are: Mexican Chocolate Truffle, Blackberry Wine Biscochito, Chocolate Rose, and Amaretto Cherry. The Mexican Chocolate Truffle has a rich flavor that is both full and subtle. The chocolate you expect is accentuated nicely by what we think is a hint of cinnamon, perhaps even cinnamon oil. The Blackberry Wine Biscochito is mouthwatering. The outer edges are dusted with cinnamon and sugar while its inside is stuffed with a berry filling. All the flavors combine to ultimately give you a hint of licorice, which we aren’t sure is actually there or a product of the cerebral part of the experience. The Chocolate Rose is a pairing of exactly that, chocolate and rose. With a rose petal on the top, these two flavors mingle like we would have never expected. This one is hard to describe, but amazing to taste. Finally, the Amaretto Cherry is a buttery almond with subtle cherry bursts, throughout. You will find this flavor in the Holiday Collection as well, but we discovered that we enjoyed it much more within this group surrounded by all the new flavors.

We always enjoy putting together our Un Petit Morceau reviews. So much so, that we couldn’t help but order the Original Collection again….mmmmm….so tasty…. We highly recommend that you try these gourmet treats for yourself! And, if you do, when they arrive in the mail, may we make a suggestion? Grab an ice cold glass of water from Quark’s, find a nice secluded spot on the Promenade, and linger over these delectable treats, making sure to actively think about each flavor experience as you savor every bite.

Visit the Un Petit Morceau website here.

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