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Star Trek Online C-Store Updates & Holiday Sale

Star Trek Online C-Store Updates & Holiday Sale

It appears that Cryptic Studios has the holiday spirit. From now until January 3rd, you can take 20% off all of your purchases in the Star Trek Online C-store. This actually could come in pretty handy considering Cryptic has been steadily adding ship & costume updates over the past several months. The most recent editions include the first playable Nausicaan ship for the Klingon faction, plus the federation uniforms from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". (*Update* it appears that these two items are excluded from the holiday sale... LAME) We're kinda fond of the "Motion Picture" duds, since that film was our first experience in the Star Trek universe. It seems some Trek fans claim that the motion picture was "too beige", but we found it extremely fitting for the late 70s / early 80s. Anyway, check out more C-store details below.  

Oh, and apparently, the Nausicaan ship has lots of Guramba....

Klingon Empire - Guramba Siege Destroyer
(2000 Cryptic Points)
A Nausicaan ship conscripted for use by the Klingon Defense Force, the Guramba embodies the Nausicaan ideals of strength and power. The Guramba Siege Destroyer has seven weapons slots (4 fore, 3 aft), seats for five bridge officers (Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Commander Tactical, Ensign Engineering, Lieutenant Engineering and Lieutenant Science) and space for eight console modifications (4 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 2 Science). It carries a crew of 300, and can enable Siege Mode, which transforms the ship into a battle configuration. Siege Mode diverts power from the engines for more powerful attacks. In addition, each use of energy weapons in Siege Mode steals power from enemy vessels to power the massive energy javelin that is the Guramba's most powerful weapon. When the javelin is fired, the ship will return to its normal configuration.

Federation Costume Pack: The Motion Picture
(240 Cryptic Points)
Fight Klingons and search for new life in the same uniforms used by the Enterprise crew in the early 2270s! This costume pack includes a top, pants, boots and combadge.

(source Star Trek Online)

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