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According To The Shat, His Star Trek Documentary "The Captains" Is "Being Edited As We Speak"

According To The Shat, His Star Trek Documentary "The Captains" Is "Being Edited As We Speak"

Set for release sometime next year, William Shatner's "The Captains" documentary is coming close to completion. The Shat discussed his new documentary at both Vegas Khhaaann! & Plano Fan Days this, giving little details about the film. Heck, he even filmed portions of the documentary while walking around in the crowds in Vegas. If you don't know about "The Captains", it focuses on the lives of all five Trek captains with full interviews from each.

"We've got a great film, there's a lot of it and we're passionately putting it together. We'll have it ready in the near future. There are extensive interviews and there will be a lot of clips involving actors who played the captain on Star Trek and what elements unify us and what things are divergent about us. There's a great deal that is common among the actors, their experience, their temperaments." Says Shatner

During an interview with The Vancouver Sun, The Shat also revealed that "Captains is being edited as we speak". Shatner is by-all-means the hardest working man in show business. With multiple TV shows in the works (Bleep, Raw Nerve, & Aftermath) The Shat is a self described workaholic. "I am work-bound. I don't have time to connect with modern culture or pop culture. There are really popular names out there and I don't know who they are. Frequently, on Bleep, they have to explain a joke to me."

Look for the release of Shatner's "The Captains" documentary in early 2011.

(Quote source: The Vancouver Sun)

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