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Trek Culture Review: Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Our favorite chef is at it again. Nana Visitor has two more installments on her Youtube channel for your enjoyment. Over here at Subspace Communique’s headquarters our TV viewing is pretty basic. We’re either watching an iteration of Star Trek or a PBS cooking show. Well, now that we’ve stumbled across Nana’s cooking channel we’ve found a way to combine our interests into one giant ball of fantastic-ness. In her latest show we follow along with her as she goes to a local farmer’s market, and then returns home to whip up her findings into a delectable delight. We’re still trying to figure out how she makes and eats all this great food and still maintains her fabulous figure. Nana, if you’re reading, we’d love to know your secret!

In a previous article we told you about Un Petit Morceau, Nana’s gourmet dessert company based in New Mexico, and how we were waiting for our tasty treats to arrive. Well, they got here today! We knew you were mad with excitement to find out how they tasted so we decided to sacrifice our diets for you, our lovely readers, and indulge.

We are reviewing the items that were available for delivery, various Bouboulettes. What are bouboulettes? The website describes them this way: “bouboulette\ [original French]; 1. Little fatty 2. A small pastry-like cookie filled with a variety of flavors from around the world 3. A very sophisticated cookie experience.” However, we describe them as “the next best thing to gold pressed latinum.” These cookies are so scandalously scrumptious that they must surely have originated on Risa.

There are two “sets” of bouboulettes, the original flavors and the Holiday Collection. We tried both. The impression of elegance started with the presentation. They came packaged in decorated boxes that you might find at the best patisserie or confectioner.

The Holiday Collection contains four flavors; Pecan Pie, Amaretto Cherry, Apple Pie, and Dark English Fruitcake. This collection was full of familiar flavors with an elegant touch. They brought to mind what a true Norman Rockwell Christmas must taste like. We went in to this set thinking we knew what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised by the depth of these holiday flavors.

The Original Flavors also have four variations; Chocolate Cherry Chipotle, Ginger Rosemary, Lavender Plum (with Earl Grey Tea), and Lemon Basil. We had no idea what to expect with flavor descriptions like these. Would they be sweet? Were they be savory? The answers were not that clear cut. With each bite we realized that we’d never tasted anything like this before. So keep that (and the fact that we are not professional food critics) in mind when we try our hardest to convey the amazing flavors that were packed into these delicate desserts. It was like watching fireworks and smelling a bouquet of flowers at the same time, exhilarating and visceral. Each of the four flavors was delicate and surprising. The Lemon Basil started off daintily sweet and ended crisp and tart. The Chocolate Cherry Chipotle was rich with a light thread of cherry. But our two absolute favorites were the Ginger Rosemary and the Lavender Plum (with Earl Grey Tea). Stunning, is the only way to describe these two…absolutely stunning! Their fragrance and taste were perfectly in sync. Their sweetness was present but not overpowering. It was this restrained use of sugar that allowed the flavors to match exactly with the aroma of the herbs creating a surprising and invigorating experience.

We highly recommend trying these tasty treats for yourself. If you can get both sets, they are completely worth it. But if you can only order one set, we say, order the original flavors. Your taste buds will think they’ve died and gone to the Celestial Temple.

Check out the desert photos below.

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