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LeVar Burton's "The Jensen Project" To Air July 16th

LeVar Burton's "The Jensen Project" To Air July 16th

LeVar Burton is heading back into the realm of scifi with his new TV movie for NBC called "The Jensen Project". We reported on the "Jensen" announcement back in February and that the movie is actually what you called a "backdoor pilot" for NBC, which could lead into a new series for the TNG alum.

The show also stars Kellie Martin, Brady Smith, & Patricia Richardson, and revolves around a group holed up in the mountains to solve the world's problems. When one goes rogue, the others are forced to try and stop him. The two hour movie is sponsored by Walmart and Proctor & Gamble in a bid to bring back family friendly TV to the airwaves.

According to a recent interview with, LeVar admits he was a bit skeptical about his return to the genre. "I was actually... a bit leery of doing another science fiction show. When I talked to Joel Rice, the producer, and he really sort of clued me in into what the intention was, and how I might, you know, work in the project, I was - I became very open. And I'm glad I did. I'm really, really proud of the picture. I think it’s really terrific."

LeVar also expressed how throughout his career he's tried to reach audiences in many different ways. "You know, there’s a lot of great television being done right now, but there is a lot that can be said is really aimed at a soup to nuts audience, you know, 6 to 60. And that’s what this is, and I've tried over my career to address that audience in as many ways as I could. And this was yet another opportunity of quality, you know, to speak to the whole family."

"The Jensen Project" will air July 16th at 8pm EDT / 7pm CDT on NBC. Check out the show website here and the full length trailer below.

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