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The Shat To Direct A Documentary About Himself

The Shat To Direct A Documentary About Himself

William "The Shat" Shatner is full of awesomesuce, as we all know, and is really the king of all media.  From directing, producing, starring, "singing", and even entrepreneuring his way across the galaxy, The Shat is now making his way where no man has gone before, again.  This time, Bill is ready to direct a documentary about himself starring himself.  Wait, wouldn't that rip a hole in the fabric of something or other?

Set for filming to begin in July and release in winter 2011, the new documentary entitled "Captains" will focus on his early years spent in Montreal, Canada and then leading up to his time on the Enterprise. Shatner, a native Canadian, is also one of the excutive producers on the film with David Zappone and Craig Thompson.  

Canadian pay TV channel Movie Central has commissioned the doc for Canadian audiences only, so far. No word on when the film will be shown in the US or other parts of the world.  Stay tuned.

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