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Kingons Detected On The Internet

Kingons Detected On The Internet

As a promotional tie-in with the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek', Burger King has launched it's 'Kingon Defense Academy' website  Apparently 'Kingons' have landed on earth to steal the dilithium crystal stored in the new promotional glasses from Burger King   The site includes several instructional videos on how to withstand a 'Kingon' attack.  

With three separate levels including Ensign, Lieutenant, and Commander, You will learn how to defend yourself against attacks like 'Neon Nurple', 'Warp 5 Wedgie', and 'Planetary Divide'.  Once your training is complete you can download a badge to show your rank.  You actually get a zip file full of goodies that includes, wallpapers, social site avatars, and a Kingon Defense Academy diploma. 


We found the site extremely entertaining.  I mean who doesn't love videos of the Burger King, with a klingon forhead, kicking unsuspecting youths in the asteroids.

View the site here.

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