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TrekFest Saved By Private Doantions

TrekFest Saved By Private Doantions

As we reported last month, Riverside, Iowa's TrekFest was in dire straits and would possibly be put on hold this year.  Luckily though, that's now not the case.  According to an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, a not-for-profit organization called the Mindbridge Foudation stepped in with the final $5000 and saved the day.  Mindbridge is an orginization in eastern Iowa created to provide social venues and a social outlet for people interested in science-fiction, fantasy, nongambling gaming, anime, and related.  

“We’ve been listening to the media and learned that the (Riverside Area Community Club) was short $10,000,” Mindbridge representative Dennis Lynch said. “Our role is to promote science fiction and give back, and TrekFest is a wonderful thing that is deserving of that support.”

We're stoked that Trekfest is back and ready for action.  We recently learned that one of our favorite bands, Five Year Mission, is set to play the convention this year.  The local community is also looking forward to TrekFest returning.

“Like it or not, I think it’s a great thing that Riverside has that designation as the ‘future birthplace of Captain Kirk,’” former mayor Bill Poch said. “The community needs to embrace it and support TrekFest. It is money well spent — profits are turned back into the community 100 percent.”

TrekFest will be held June 24th - 25th, 2011.  

Check out the official website here.

(source Cedar Rapids Gazette)

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