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Star Trek Online Wins Five Massively Players Choice Awards

Star Trek Online Wins Five Massively Players Choice Awards

Cryptic Studios Star Trek Online was the proud recipient of 5 "Best of 2010" awards from Joystiq's Massively MMO blog. Not only did it dominate the category, but STO beat other popular newcomers like Lego Universe & Final Fantasy XIV. 2010 has been a wild ride for Cryptic and STO, starting with the launch in January, an executive producer change, and multiple massive update releases including Season 1 through 3.

According to Massively, Star Trek Online walked away with 47.6% of the vote on this one, while nothing else really came close. In fact, the next-highest vote count belongs to None of the Above (shown as All Other Responses in the graph), meaning the 11,820 people who voted in this one weren't really impressed with anything else in 2010.

In all, Star Trek Online won Best Launch of 2010, Best PvP in a 2010 MMO, Best Capacity for Roleplaying in a 2010 MMO, Biggest Surprise Hit of 2010, and Overall Best New MMO of 2010. Congratulations to the Guys & Gals at Cryptic. We're looking forward to what 2011 has to offer us in the Star Trek Online Universe.

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