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Chase Masterson Joins Voice Cast On Star Trek Online

Chase Masterson Joins Voice Cast On Star Trek Online

The well versed actor, singer, and producer Chase Masterson, is joining the likes of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek Online. Two Spocks and a Dabo girl, hey, I see a series in that! Anyway, Chase is lending her voice to STO Season Two aboard Deep Space Nine in her familiar role as a Dabo girl. Well, A holographic Dabo girl, which is the property of Quark Enterprises. Let's hear what Chase had to say about joining STO.

"Fans have always asked when there was going to be a game of Dabo. Cryptic's version is everything I had hoped it would be – fun, strategically challenging, and rewarding on many levels," says Masterson. "We've recorded some fun little extras, as well. I'm looking forward to hearing the fans' response."

Season Two, available now, launched a new series of improvements to Cryptic's Star Trek Online including mini games like Dabo, plus others. To see the full list of new additions to the game click here.

Watch Tips & Tricks - Dabo here.

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