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The Shat Is Recording Bohemian Rhapsody, Maybe New Album

The Shat Is Recording Bohemian Rhapsody, Maybe New Album

Our good friend (as if we know him) William Shatner is known for his halting... way of... speaking and his quirky spoken word albums. Oh, and the whole Star Trek thing.  With two albums in print, Apparently The Shat is trying to put together a set of songs for a third, but this time he's pulling out all the stops.  According to a twitter post, Bill has recently gone into a recording studio and laid down a track covering Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".  

“Going to lay down a track: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Perhaps as the beginning of a new record … My best, Bill.” was his tweet on Tuesday around 2:15pm.  We would plop down a few bars of gold pressed latinum just to sit in on that session.  I can hear it now.. "Momma... I just... killed... a man".  At 79 years young, The Shat seems to be hitting his stride and that particular choice in song is pure genius.  I don't know, maybe we're biased. 

He also called on his good friend Leonard Nimoy to come out of retirement and join him on the record.  “Come out of ‘retirement’, @TheRealNimoy. I got an exciting record I’m working on. You’d be perfect to add another voice to it.”  Not that it would happen, but The Shat & Spock covering an almost perfect rock classic would be EPIC!

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