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The Shat & His Top Ten Favorite Cars

The Shat & His Top Ten Favorite Cars

One of our favorite automotive blogs, Jalopnik, compiled a top ten list of favorite automobiles from the Rocketman himself William Shatner.  Apparently The Shat revealed this list over a short period of time through his Twitter account.  The fine folks over at Jalopnik not only gave us the list, but also gave us insight into what each pick reveals about our kindly Captain.

The list includes the obligatory Ferrari Enzo and Dodge Viper, but also includes a few picks that are synonymous with gearheads.  Check out a snipit below to see The Shat favs.

10. Citroën 2CV
What It Says About Shatner: The 2CV is a bit of a shibboleth among car enthusiasts. This choice shows that he's a car guy with classic tastes and an appreciation for oddball culture. Also, he likes French things, and that's always charming.

9. Jaguar D-Type
What It Says About Shatner: The D-Type is one of the most cherished British cars of all time, a motorsport masterwork that looms large in Jaguar's legend. Steve McQueen had one as a street car, and he was the man. William Shatner is also the man. 'Nuff said.

8. Dodge Viper
What It Says About Shatner:
The Dodge Viper was the hallmark in Chrysler's last comeback, an achievement Shatner is familiar with. One comeback just lasted longer than the other.

7. Jaguar XKE
What It Says About Shatner:
Captain Kirk was an international sex symbol, just like the XKE. Shatner claims that this car is his seventh favorite "when it's not at the mechanic."  (source Jalopnik)

Check out the rest here.

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