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William Shatner Garners New TV Series For Bio Channel

William Shatner Garners New TV Series For Bio Channel

"Aftermath", a brand new series for The Biography Channel set to preview in the fall is also set to launch with a familiar captain, William Shatner.  The show will feature will examine ordinary Americans who became overnight household names such as Jessica Lynch, the D.C. sniper victims and Mary Kay Letourneau and what their lives are like now. Shatner will speak with the personalities and their family members.

The show has been picked up for a six episode season so far and will mark the yet another series for Captain Kirk. "Aftermath" is actually the second show that The Shat has hosted for The Biography Channel. His first being "Shatner's Raw Nerve" which is set for it's third season. 

From Star Trek to TJ Hooker and then Rescue 911 to the Practice and many guest spots in-between.  The Shat is quite the man about television.  There is also talk of another series being picked up for the fall starring Mr. Shatner for CBS.   When does he have time to fly about the galaxy and woo Orion slave girls.

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