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Shimerman Voices For 'Batman: The Brave & The Bold'

Shimerman Voices For 'Batman: The Brave & The Bold'Armin Shimerman, our favorite DS9'er, will soon be playing 'The Calculator' in 'Batman: The Brave & The Bold'.

An admittedly late bloomer in the voice acting field, Shimerman has been making up for lost time with Batman: The Brave & the Bold. On Friday, May 1st, he will voice the role of The Calculator. James Tucker and Mike Jelenic like him so much, he will be returning as two other characters in future episodes this season. One will be as a Green Lantern guardian. The other he won’t say.

Then again, he’s thrilled about doing comic book roles as well.

“Oh God, yes!,” Shimerman enthuses. “My younger brother was a phenomenal comic book collector and eventual dealer. He actually went into the business selling comic books as a young adult. I probably read most of them. He would go out and buy them and then I would then devour them. Lots of Batman, Superman certainly. We were definitely into Marvel, too. Now that I think of it, it may have something to do with my loving to go over the top in my performances. They certainly provided me with lots of inspiration with the heroes and villains.”   (source

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