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"Stalled Trek" Creator Mark Largent Launches New Project Called "The Wobbling Dead"

Subspace Communique friend and Stalled Trek creator Mark Largent is branching out with his witty parody skills to take on the zombie apocalypse in his new project The Wobbling Dead. Coming on the heels of his successful Kickstarter campaign for the DVD version of Stalled Trek: Amut Time, Mark has just launched his new campaign with really cool backer-incentives. Not only will you be able to get copies of The Wobbling Dead, but at the "Walker Level" Mark will put your likeness on a 3D animated zombie. How cool is that?

"I don't want to just have generic zombie puppets. I think it would be way cooler to have actual people represented" Says Mark

We've been big fans of Mark's work for some time now and got to hear about The Wobbling Dead first hand at the Dallas Scifi Expo. Knowing the quality and humor of Stalled Trek, we had to let everyone know about Mark's new project. Heck, we love The Walking Dead, so we knew it would be a perfect match. Of course, just like Subspace Communique, Mark's projects are a labor of love.

Mark explains: "More so than the money, though, I need your faith and belief in this project! Doing Stalled Trek was like climbing a mountain and I truly believe that the support I received from Kickstarter last year was responsible for me reaching the top. I think I could have easily faltered or slowed down, but knowing that I had backers depending on me and who were so upbeat and positive about what I was doing kept me from even considering that."

That's why he needs your help to get this project going. If you dig Mel Brooks style parody with a modern pop culture twist, then this is the Kickstarter project you should be supporting.

To learn more about The Wobbling Dead, check out the official Kickstarter page. You can also learn more about Stalled Trek: Amutt Time or check out our full review.

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