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2009 International Comic-Con Schedule Announced

2009 International Comic-Con Schedule Announced

The 2009 International Comic-Con in San Diego finally has a full program schedule posted.  Included in the schedule are several panels, Q&As, and workshops.  We've listed the Star Trek related events below and also be sure to click the link at the end of the article for the full schedule.

Thursday July 23rd.

12:00-1:00 Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey—  Key production personnel and cast members discuss the making of Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, the 3D, CGI Large Format film that combines beautiful animated sequences with actual space imagery captured during seven ongoing NASA and NASA/ESA space missions. Featuring a stellar voice cast that includes Neil Armstrong, Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, Amanda Peet, Robert Picardo, Jason Alexander, Tom Kenny, Sandra Oh, Brent Spiner, James Earl Jones, Williams Shatner, Mark Hamill, Doug Jones, Abigail Breslin and Gary Graham, Quantum Quest has been endorsed by the X Prize Organization, the International Space University, Challenge Center for Space Science Education, and the Young Astronauts Council. Producer, screenwriter, and co-director Dr. Harry Kloor, whose writing credits include Star Trek: Voyager, the animated series Godzilla, and Earth: Final Conflict, is joined by co-director Daniel St. Pierre (co-director, Everyone's Hero, production designer, A Shark's Tale, art director, Tarzan), space scientists, and key cast members. The panel will offer new work-in-progress clips and an in-depth exploration of the science behind the film. Ballroom 20.

12:30-1:30 Richard Hatch: Battlestar Retrospective—  Moderated by actor/author Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek, Capt Apollo, author: So Say We All), with Bear McCreary (Battlestar, Eureka, Caprica composer), Michael Tayler (Battlestar, Caprica, Star Trek writer/producer), Kevin Grazier (Battlestar, Eureka, science consultant) and special guests, this panel provides a review, discussion and Q&A of Battlestar's past four seasons and dramatic ending. Includes the new BG 30th trailer. Room 6A 

2:30-3:30 Archaia/Roddenberry Productions: Days Missing—  Archaia Studios Press is now simply known as Archaia! Learn about the sci-fi titles the publisher has in store, such as Titanium Rain (with creators Josh Finney and Kat Rocha), Robotika (with creator Alex Sheikman), and Starkweather (with writer David Rodriguez and artist Patrick McEvoy). Then meet the creative dream team behind Days Missing, the new sci-fi comic miniseries from Archaia and Roddenberry Productions, the legendary company that brought you Star Trek. Get a sneak peek of exclusive covers and art, and learn more about storylines for upcoming issues. Panelists include Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth from Roddenberry Productions; Archaia's Stephen Christy, Mark Smylie and Rob Levin; Chris Burnham (X-Men: Divided We Stand); Ian Edginton (Stormwatch); Phil Hester (The Darkness); David Hine (Batman: Battle for the Cowl); Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin); and Matz(The Killer). All attendees will receive a free copy of Days Missing#1! Room 3 

4:45-5:45 Legend of the Seeker— A sneak peek at the highly anticipated second season of the action-adventure series Legend of the Seeker from executive producers Ken Biller (Star Trek: Voyager), Sam Raimi (Spider-Man), Rob Tapert (Xena), Ned Nalle (Hercules), and Josh Donen (Drag Me to Hell) and starring Craig Horner, Bridget Regan and Bruce Spence. Inspired by Terry Goodkind's bestselling epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd will soon discover that after defeating Darken Rahl, they inadvertently opened a rift into the underworld. Premiering in November, join a few of the executive producers, cast members, and Terry Goodkind for this moderated interview and audience Q&A session! Room 6DE 

6:30-7:30 The Anthropology of Star Trek—  Daryl Frazetti (Trekkies, Trekkies 2, Department of Anthropology, Lake Tahoe Community College), Ian Morris (UCSB student), John Stivers, Jacob Hurd, and Kanan Miller (Lake Tahoe Community College students) discuss the anthropological themes in the Star Trek universe. Select themes include such topics as politics, religion, identity, technology, the cultural role of the individual, and the anthropological concept of "race." A brief discussion on the subculture of fandom is also included, along with the cultural impact of Trek. Audience participation is encouraged. This presentation spans the franchise and explores the relationship between Star Trek and society throughout the past four decades. Room 30AB

7:00-8:00 The Antidote Trust— The Antidote Trust (TAT), America's premiere indie collective, share more input on how they continue to produce comics that rival "the big boys" in quality, marketing, and distribution. Determined to do your own thing with the highest levels of professionalism? TAT can help you realize this goal. All members of TAT are strictly independent companies, producing comics, apparel, action figures—nearly everything in the industry. Panelists include B. Paul Husband, Esq. (general counsel for ASIFA-Hollywood), Lance Stahlberg (director, Haven Distributors), Richard Hamilton (Miserable Dastards), Andre Owens (Force Galaxia), Dani Dixon (13), Dale Wilson (Magnificent Creatures), Robert Roach (Menthu), and Paul Fusco (Soldiers of the Dead). Moderated by Geoffrey Thorne (Star Trek: Titan, Sword of Damocles). Room 5AB 

Friday July 24th

11:45-12:45 FlashForward—  Be among the first to see exclusive, never-before-seen footage and scenes from upcoming episodes of ABC's new show FlashForward presented by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins), Brannon Braga (24), and Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone). Joining them on the panel are cast members including Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) and John Cho (Star Trek). And look for a surprise guest that you won't want to miss! Room 6A 

2:00-3:00 How-To Session: Joe Corroney—  Joe Corroney has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for related books, games, trading cards, and magazines since 1997, including penciling Star Wars: Empire for Dark Horse Comics. Other comic books he's illustrated include Crimson Dynamo for Marvel Comics and G.I. Joe, Fallen Angel, 24: Nightfall, Angel, and Spike Vs. Dracula for IDW. Currently, he's providing cover art for IDW's new Star Trek series and BOOM! Studios’ new Farscape comic books, developing his creator-owned comic book series Death Avenger, and continuing to create new Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm. For ten years he was the instructor for the comic book illustration course at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, and has also taught at Ohio State University. His how-to session will include an introduction to the comic book illustration process. Room 18 

2:00-3:00 - The Design Process for Film and Television — The making of a film or television show is a collaborative process. The director enlists the talents of his/her key collaborators—the costume designer, the production illustrator, and the production designer—right from the start of a production. Costume illustrators and concept & storyboard artists, brought on to productions to develop images under the guidance of the designers, serve a key position in the web of communication that is essential to filmmaking. This panel gives a glimpse into the fundamental importance of illustration, as well as the seamless creativity between the key conceptual departments on favorite feature films and television productions. Moderator William David Hogan, director and storyboard artist (The Orphan), hosts costume illustrators from CDG, Local 892: Robin Richesson (Iron Man), Phillip Boutte, Jr. (Jonah Hex), Felipe Sanchez (Green Hornet), Christian Cordella (GI Joe), and Brain Valenzuela (Star Trek 2009), as well as illustrators and artists from Local 800: Jeff Errico (Burlesque), Dawn Brown (Star Trek 2009), Ricardo Delgado (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and Josh Nizzi (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen). Room 32AB

Saturday July 25th

3:30-4:30 - Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day — In the sequel to the cult classic The Boondock Saints, director Troy Duffy brings back Sean Patrick Flanery (Suicide Kings, Powder), Norman Reedus (American Gangster, Blade 2), and Billy Connolly (The Last Samurai) and introduces Carlo Berardinucci, Clifton Collins Jr. (Star Trek, Crank 2) as a new partner-in-crime, and Julie Benz (Rambo, Punisher 2, Saw) as the sexy FBI operative who is hot on their trail. Join Troy and the cast for a panel discussion about the new film and the world premiere of the trailer. Room 6DE

5:30-6:30 Archaia: New Titles—  Come hear about the great titles Archaia has in store, including Awakening (with writer Nick Tapalansky and artist Alex Eckman-Lawn), The Killer (with writer Matz), and The God Machine (with creator Chandra Free). Then: You've watched him for three seasons on NBC's Heroes playing Sylar and on the big screen as Spock in the new Star Trek movie, but what do actor Zachary Quinto and his colleagues at media production company Before the Door Pictures have to do with Archaia? Find out exclusively at this panel, which will feature Quinto, Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson of Before the Door Pictures, plus appearances by top-secret special guests with additional announcements! Room 5AB

6:00-7:30 Gays in Comics: Year 22!— Now in its third decade at Comic-Con, the long-running "Gays in Comics" panel presents an all-star look at the diversity in the comics world today. The mainstream companies DC and Marvel are both front-lining gay characters such as Batwoman and Northstar, as well as top-level gay or gay-friendly creators. And smaller independent publishers and creators are publishing unequivocal content spotlighting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered characters, to the cheers of the thousands of fans who are out of the comic book closet. This top-level panel of GLBT and straight creators will give amazing insights and glimpses of surprises to come! Joining founding moderator Andy Mangels (best-selling author of Star Trek novels and Iron Man: Beneath The Armor) and Greg Rucka, the acclaimed author of Detective Comics (featuring the lesbian Batwoman and The Question); Phil Jimenez, artist of Astonishing X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man; Gail Simone, the celebrated writer of Wonder Woman and the sexually diverse Secret Six; Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the GLAAD-winning writer of Marvel's Divas and Stephen King's The Stand and HBO's smash hit polyamorous drama Big Love; Peter David, writer of Fallen Angel and lots of novels; Ed Luce, the writer/artist of the Bear-centric Wuvable Oaf and small-press retailer behind San Francisco's cutting edge Goteblüd comic and zine store; and small press and Internet sensation writer/artist Sina Grace, whose Books with Pictures and illustrated novel Cedric Hollows in Dial M for Magic are getting rave reviews online and from Hollywood personalities! Plus, there's always a surprise panelist or two. Afterward, stick around for the hour-long gay comics fan mixer/social, hosted by Prism Comics, with prizes and surprise special guests! Room 6DE 

6:30-7:30 Bridging Cultures Through Popular Media— While movies, games, and comic books are a great source of entertainment, the transformational power of story can also be used to break down misunderstandings between cultures, races, and genders. Learn how the panelists are using popular forms of media to provide a new form of diplomatic dialogue and open up channels of communication that have yet to be fully explored. Actor Faran Tahir (Star Trek, Iron Man), game designer Neal Hallford (Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege, X-Life: Driven), animated series executive producer Subniv Babuta (The 99), and comics and animated series script editor Stan Berkowitz (The 99, Justice League, Batman Beyond) talk about how popular culture can play a key role in saving the world. Moderated by Joseph D. Di Lella. Room 4 

Sunday July 26th

1:00-2:00 It Was 30 Years Ago Today: The Kicks and Kitsch of the Year Sci-Fi Struck Back (or: It Was No 1982)— Go back to the thrilling days of yesteryear as the disco era said its final good-byes and the bad hair of the '80s prepared to make its emergence. A group of professional geeksters guides your look back at some of 1979's crowning achievements, kitsch, and crap. Join them as they beam aboard Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the human adventure just begins (and possibly give their three cents on the new Trek movie as well), go bidi-bidi-bidi over Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, get sucked into The Black Hole, rip on Jack the Ripper in Time After Time, make Moonraker eyes over Lois Chiles, and listen fruitlessly for screaming in space in Alien. Starring Jeff Bond (Geek Monthly editor), Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise, The Hills Run Red), Steve Melching (The Clone Wars), Dr. Theopolis, and some special guests and exclusive video treats. Moderated by Mark A. Altman (Free Enterprise, DOA: Dead Or Alive). Room 4 

Read the full schedule here.

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