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15 Years Ago Today, Star Trek: The Experience Opened To The Public

15 Years Ago Today, Star Trek: The Experience Opened It's Transporters

Just like yesterday's article, we have another anniversary to celebrate--though this one is a little more bittersweet. Fifteen years ago today, Star Trek: The Experience opened to the world at the Las Vegas Hilton. To many Trekfans, this was a home away from home. I can dearly attest to that because the times I graced the bar at Quark's, I felt like I had stepped into The Nexus. And just like The Nexus, I didn't want to leave. As many of you know, The Experience featured a full motion ride called Klingon Encounter, a replica of Quark's bar, the promenade from DS9, various shops and meeting spaces, and later Borg 4D.

It wasn't just the amazing exteriors or rides that made The Experience, pardon the pun, an experience. It was the cast and crew that were the heart and soul of STTE. We have the pleasure of calling many of those folks friends and if you never had the pleasure of visiting Vegas and walking the halls of the time station, check out the links below and take in what was quite possibly the coolest thing in the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: My Experience. STTE historian and good friend of Subspace Communique, Vernon Wilmer has put together a multi-part documentary extensively covering the history of STTE.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Vernon has also put together an amazing STTE Facebook fan page complete with photos and cast bios.

Star Trek: My Experience Facebook fan page

An amazing 360 degree virtual tour of STTE

STTE 360

Full cast bios and history for STTE

Star Trek: The Experience on Memory Alpha

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art