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Fresh Teaser Trailer For “The Con Of Wrath” Contains New Footage

New Teaser Trailer For “The Con Of Wrath” Contains New Footage

There’s a new teaser trailer for “The Con of Wrath” which has only been seen by the eyes of those lucky enough to have been attending the San Diego Comic Con on July 14th. This new trailer contains some great, high quality footage of the much anticipated documentary…not to mention more snippets of the fabulous interviews it’s going to contain.

(Larry’s panel at SDCC 2012 was a packed house.)

Executive Producer/Director, Larry Nemecek, says;

“Our documentary on the infamous Houston "glorious failure" Trek event ... and the human spirit... is still collecting faces and moments, and I just found a couple more Survivors at Vegas. Our live meetup-fundraisers at conventions have raised cash, spread the word and most of all been a lot of fun all year long as we add more fan donors to the screen credits and gift list. We still have a lot of funding and producing to go, though.

In the new mini-teaser, watch for a few words from the first of the original Houston crew to see daylight, in an uncredited appearance: You'll see Marc Dowman up in the arena catwalk—graphic artist for the event and a stage and pyro assistant for the show. He's just burning up to tell one of the best weekend stories .... “

As the filming of this documentary gains momentum so does our anticipation of seeing it. If you’d like to help keep the momentum going you can always donate here, and receive special gifts for your generosity.

You can find out more about “The Con of Wrath” here.

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