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Someone Conned "The Con of Wraith" Out Of Filming Equipment... And How You Can Help

As I'm sure many of you know, our friend and Trek historian, Larry Nemecek, is in mid-stream making his new documentary The Con of Wrath. Well, a little misfortune befell the "Wrath" crew while on a shoot in Houston. Larry and his team were busy gathering some fantastic footage from an Ultimate Fantasy survivor in the wee hours of the morning, and in between load up trips 15 feet from the front door, someone swiped a bag containing an integral part of the whole documentary process... the unique specialty camera lens that is the look and feel of the whole sha-bang! Not only does this shutter The Con of Wrath field shooting for the time being, but it also stunts the growth of several other indie projects. I'll let The Con of Wrath's director of photography Neal Hallford explain.

While filming the documentary The Con of Wrath in Houston, a case containing $2700 worth of our film gear was stolen from a truck. Because we are an indie startup operating only with the money in our pockets, we had no insurance on the gear, and it wasn't covered by the vehicle insurance. 

This theft shuts down four documentary projects, plus our first feature film project, a horror film we were hoping to resume shooting on later this fall.

With the funds we are intending to replace the gear we lost, and also obtain insurance that will protect us in the event that this equipment is either damaged, lost in transit, or stolen again. 

Filmmaking is our passion, and it kills us to have this setback. Please help us if at all possible. A donation of ANY size will be a great help to us. 

You can help Neal as well as Larry's awesome project by donating any amount here on their FundRazr page. I know Larry and his team would appreciate it and we would too. We want to see this finished!

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