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Comicpalooza Houston 2012 Post Convention Wrap-up

Comicpalooza Houston 2012 Post Convention Wrap-up

After a whirlwind of a weekend, we here at Subspace Communique can look back on a fantastically fun and entertaining time at Houston's Comicpalooza. We spent the full three days traipsing the halls of the George R. Brown convention center in downtown Houston and learned a few things about ourselves and about a few guest stars. First off, Richard Hatch loves ribs... We saw the Battlestar Galactica star enjoying (more than once) some of the fine barbecue served in the vender area. Hey, I'm not pointing fingers here, I had my fair share too. Secondly, George Takei still smells fantastic. I passed Mr. Sulu, once again, and he smelled like a fresh spring day. Lastly, we learned that you should never go with a Jaffa to a second location... I'll just leave that there.

There was a little bit of everything for everyone at Comicpolooza. We got to partake in a few panels, enjoyed some fast paced rollerderby, and even saw a caveman wrestle a luchador. Well, I think it was a luchador. On second thought, maybe the mask had a zipper... I digress. Broken out into three gigantic halls, the convention consisted of a the vendor's hall, which was chock-full of artists, gamers, celebrities, and even officially licensed Star Trek fine art & posters (cough cough), an entertainment section (that I called the thunderdome), and finally the panels area. The thunderdome was complete with the afformentioned rollerderby & wrestling, but also housed a main stage with tesla coil generated music, laser tag arena, & Mechwarrior battle-pods.

We got the chance to sit on a few panels including George Takei's Q&A session (like we'd miss that!), the Christopher Judge & Rachel Luttrell Q&A, and a Star Wars panel featuring Nick Gillard, Peter Mayhew, & Richard LeParmentier (he was choked-out by Darth Vader in the Death Star's boardroom). All-in-all, we had a blast roaming the vast halls of the GRB (as the Houstonian's call it) and will definitely be back next year for Comicpalooza 2013. Until then, enjoy our convention photos and tweet recap below....

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art