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Brent Spiner's Webseires "Fresh Hell" Returns March 23rd

Brent Spiner's Webseires "Fresh Hell" Returns March 23rd

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since the launch of Brent Spiner's popular webseries, Fresh Hell. If you're not familiar with it, Fresh Hell follows Brent as he's reeling from hitting rock bottom. What caused his sudden meteoric fall and societal pariah status? Well, we only know it as "the incident". According to the first episode, his situation is so bad that OJ Simpson has a better chance of a career recovery. Yeah, it's pretty funny.

Fresh Hell was created by Christopher Ellis, Harry Hannigan, & Brent Spiner.  Ellis is directing & Hannigan is also pulling double-duty as writer, a position that should be familiar since his experience on the sitcom "According to Jim".

If you haven't seen all 5 episodes from the first season, you can check them out below for your streaming pleasure. Which you may want to do sooner rather than later... As it seems that season 2 of Fresh Hell is just around the corner. March 23rd is the launch date and you can check out the season 2 trailer below.

Fresh Hell season 1

Fresh Hell season 2 trailer

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