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Geek Nation Tours Adds ‘Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood To Vegas With Larry Nemecek’

Geek Nation Tours Adds ‘Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood To Vegas With Larry Nemecek’

We met Geek Nation Tours at the last Vegas Khhaaan!. They are a great company that essentially leads small groups on vacations of geekdom paradise. Each vacation tour revolves around a “geek genre”. Some of their tour themes include; Twilight, Anime, Civil War History, and of course our favorite… Star Trek.

This year, in addition to offering their Star Trek Las Vegas tour that centers around Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, they have partnered with Larry Nemecek to offer a tour just prior to, and including, Vegas. In this tour Larry will guide the group around tons of Star Trek related sites located in Southern California. Some of the sites they will be visiting are the gardens used as Starfleet Academy, Paramount Studios, the site of the Kirk vs. Gorn battle (with a visit from the “Gorn himself”, Bobby Clark), and many many more.

Besides being the guy that knows everything about Star Trek, Larry Nemecek is also an author, historian, archivist, and more. He is definitely the best guide there is for experiencing Trek related sites. His amazing knowledge of the franchise is sure to amaze and surprise even the most ardent fan.

Geek Nation Tours is proud to be a part of the positive vision of the Star Trek universe and adventures. And this year we are teaming up with “Dr. Star Trek” Larry Nemecek to make our tour to the Las Vegas Convention a truly extraordinary experience.

For 2012, why not celebrate Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 25th Anniversary and all of Star Trek with a tour guest-led by Larry—the noted Star Trek guru as a consultant, journalist, documentary producer and author of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, often called upon for his vast knowledge of the Star Trek Universe and its business.  He is currently researching Star Trek filming sites, and that is where you and Geek Nation Tours comes in…

We will be along as Larry makes the pilgrimage to filming sites of The Original Series, The Next Generation and their movies, as well as Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.  Some familiar, some obscure—but all iconic and ready for you to revisit, right on location. The journey will take us from Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles up to the Trona Pinnacles to the base of Mount Whitney, then on through Death Valley and into Las Vegas for the granddaddy of them all: Creation Entertainment’s famous Star Trek Convention.

Tour Dates are now booking for August 4-13, 2012.
You can find more information on Geek Nation Tours here.

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