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Larry Nemecek's "The Con of Wrath" Documentary Update & Fundraising Special With Extra SWAG

Larry Nemecek's "The Con of Wrath" Documentary Update & Fundraising Special With Extra SWAG

Star Trek historian, author, & friend of Subspace Communique, Larry Nemecek, is still in the process of traveling all over the country and gathering interviews for his upcoming film The Con of Wrath. In fact, he just recently finished interviews with Kerry O'Quinn (father of Starlog Magazine & more), his old pal Eric Stillwell (TNG writer & Star Trek fiction author), & Kett Kettering. Both Eric & Kett were Con of Wrath attendees, or survivors as some may call it, and Kerry was the talkshow host / emcee for the convention.

We started spreading the word last year on how fans can help make the documentary a reality and now Larry has launched a brand new fundraising special that increases the incentives for fans. Anyone who makes a donation between now and 11:59 p.m. PDT on Monday, Feb. 27, will get the thank-you swag from the NEXT LEVEL UP, as you can see on the donor page at That's for every level from $10 through $500 ($1000 and $2500 levels are not included for this "doubling"deal.) And, if you have already made a donation, add on to your prior amount to hit the next level, and get the same deal.

Larry goes on to mention; "Those who know me know I am NOT a fan of raising money—but this is the nature of the biz, so I thank you in advance for being so interested in preserving this notably noble, wacky and still-unanswered piece of Trek lore "

You can participate in The Con of Wrath by donating here and collecting your upgraded incentives. Don't forget though, you only have until Monday (Februrary 27th) to recieve the new incentives. You can also check out the full length interview about The Con of Wrath on episode 12 of our Life After Trek podcast.

For those who need a refresher, it was supposed to be the granddaddy of all Star Trek conventions, a glitzy rock concert of an event planned to truly go where none had gone before—complete with laser shows, orchestral oomph and a revolving stage in Houston’s NBA-sized arena. Instead, fans got the mother of all meltdowns—and, numbering in the hundreds, rather than thousands, gave it the nickname that itself was a takeoff on “The Wrath of Khan,” the hit Star Trek movie sequel released only days before.

“It’s a universal ‘riches to rags to riches’ story,” Larry says. “There have been big fan conventions, and big convention failures, but never anything like it before or since. When turnout numbered in the hundreds, not thousands… well, like a train wreck, it was almost impossible to look away.  ...And now there are new questions about just why it all went wrong. “

As an added bonus, Larry dropped us a note today to share some pics that he shot during his TCOW interview with Wende Doohan, the wife of the late Jimmy Doohan. In this picture you can see the medals Jimmy was awarded during WWII. He was lieutenant in the 13th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rdCanadian Infantry Division that landed on Juno beach in Normandy on D-Day. Larry adds; "Juno Beach was where Jimmy so infamously lost his finger that Trek trivia fans love to point out in stills, like the phaser torch scene from "The Naked Time"". Here's a close-up picture that Larry took of the same display, featuring Jimmy in uniform.

Check out The Con of Wrath website here.

You can also keep up with everything Larry Nemecek here.

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