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Inspired Star Trek Fan Launches Innovative New Web Series

Inspired Star Trek Fan Launches Innovative New Web Series

Here's something that we think all of you will dig. It's a brand new web series called "The Paunk! Show" that features a parody of our favorite scifi series. You know which one, right? For those of you who said Ark II, please slowly step away from your computer... Anyway, the premise of the series is that all of Earth's television broadcasts have been traveling into space where an alien audience has been receiving them. There's one problem, the signals are so scattered and weak that they are almost unwatchable. So this one alien, Paunk!, uses his giant computer, the Pear OD-9000, to fill in the gaps and recreate the shows, which he then shares with his audience.

Paunk!'s show is a lot like the creature feature programs you'd catch on late night TV. You know the type; cheap sets, old movies, and goofy segments before and after commercials. In this case, Paunk! is showing an episode called "Amutt Time" from a familiar looking series called Stalled Trek. That's right kids, it's a parody of TOS with puppets. Did we mention that we love puppets? Well, okay, they're 3D animated puppets, but this new web seires is definitely worth a look. While watching, we had several laugh out loud moments and with all of the inside jokes and attention to detail, you can tell that this was made by a real Trek fan.. In fact the series creator, Mark R. Largent, animated and voiced the entire episode. Mark dropped us a line and filled in a little bit of the back story for the new series.

"As I remember it, I was thinking of "Vul-canine.".... along with the idea that Spock was a "mutt" and that Pon Farr was kind of like a dog going into heat. The [Amutt Time] parody grew out of that." Mark continues, "Over the years, it was that one project that kept coming back to mind....I even started experimenting and trying to learn 3D animation just so that I could do an animated version."

Inspired Star Trek Fan Launches Innovative New Web Series

Mark just recently launched the pilot for "The Paunk! Show" and has plans to release 5 episodes (or chapters) for "Amutt Time" with the official release date set in April. He adds: "My goal is to launch the series (appropriately) on April 1st on a weekly schedule. Then, if there seems to be an audience for it, come back and do another series of  five later in the year."

Like we said earlier, the series is definitely worth a watch and we're excited to see where it heads next.

You can check out more of Mark's work including his web comic "Greyhawk and the Starbucklers of the Caribbean" here and here. And, of course, you can watch the pilot episode of "The Paunk! Show" below.

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