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Check Out "Trek Nation" Deleted Scenes Before The Big Premiere Tomorrow Night

So kids, one more day until the release of Trek Nation! ... Yeah, we're excited too. If you've listened to our interview with Rod Roddenberry, you know that there's literally days of extra footage that didn't make it into this cut of the film. Not B-roll either, but fantastic interviews and features that could easily make Trek Nation an on-going TV series. In an effort to get this awesome footage out to fans, Trek Nation director Scott Colthorp is releasing episodes of a new web series called Trek Nation Director's Log via Youtube. The first four episodes are now available and feature interviews with Sir Patrick Stewart, Nichelle Nichols, composer Brian Langsbard, and fan Lydia Chilton. We know her as the Khan girl from Vegas 2010...

From what we understand, this will be a continuing series with releases on a regular basis. Don't forget, you can catch Trek Nation on Science tomorrow night (November 30th) at 8pm ET.

Check out the episodes thus far, embedded for your viewing pleasure.

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