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Life After Trek Podcast Episode 15 Featuring John Billingsley

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 15 Featuring John Billingsley

We’re pleased to announce the fifteenth episode of our “Life After Trek” podcast, featuring John Billingsley. We would like to thank the folks from Starbase Indy for hooking us up with John's interview. Many of you remember that we covered the Starbase Indy convention last year and that we had a blast meeting all of the lovely Trek fans of Indianapolis. In this episode we talk in depth about John's long career in Hollywood as well as some inside baseball topics about the business they call show. Of course, we also talk about John's tenure aboard the NX-01 as the venerable Dr. Phlox.

John has several appearance coming up including Starbase Indy (mentioned earlier), a Star Trek cruise with fellow Trek stars Garrett Wang and Denise Crosby, and he was just added to the roster of Creation's Vegas convention 2012. We would like to say thanks to John for joining us on Life After Trek, we had a blast and he was an outstanding guest.




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