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Miles McLoughlin Reports: Shore Leave 33

Hello Subspace Communique readers. It’ s hard to believe that my friend and cohost Scott of the Sci Fi Diner Podcast and I were at the Shoreleave convention. For those of you that have never heard of Shoreleave, it’s a fan run convention held near Baltimore MD. Usually sometime in July.

This year Shoreleave was well represented by Star Trek alumni. Guests included Sally Kellerman and Gary Lockwood who guest starred in the second original series pilot: "Where no man has gone before". Also, who can forget about Q himself played by the very talented Mr. John de Lanice. Q was seen in TNG, one episode of DS9 and in 3 episodes of Voyager. Stargate was well represented as well by Christopher Judge who played Teal’c and Cliff Simon who played Baal. Battlestar Galactica fans were treated to the loveliest Cylon of them all : Tricia Helfter. Warehouse 13 fans were treated by Eddie McClintok. Up and coming actress Emmillie Ullerop who’s been seen in such shows as Smallville, BSG, Riese and Sanctuary was also a guest.

One of the great things about Shoreleave is not only can you hear stars tell their stories at panels and get their autographs, but the chance to have a little more interactive face time is possible.

Not only did Shoreleave have such great guests from our popular sci fi genres, they also had many of the Star Trek authors, fan groups and great vendors selling things that are often unique and hard to find.

There’s always something going on at Shoreleave and you as a guest sometimes had to be choosy about what you wanted to do. Not only did the special guests have their sessions, but, there was discussion panels going on throughout the day talking about your favorite sci fi genres. Also there were panels out there to help you out. There were panels on everything to do with writing, podcasting and real science; astronomy. So getting bored was not an option.

Another big thing about Shoreleave is their desire to pay it forward. The American Red Cross was there again w/ their blood mobile accepting volunteers to give blood. As always, there were many people willing to that. The Star Trek authors again had their charity roast to raise money for the American Red Cross. This years sacrificial lamb was Robert Greenberger who’s wrote many Star Trek novels as well as comic books. However, this year they kept the jokes PG-13, probably instructed by Mrs. Greenberger. I read they were able to raise over $800. Other groups were raising money for charities as well. The USS Sovereign was there w/ their stargate. For $1 you can get your picture taken w/ it. However, I’m sad to say that a inebriated guest sometime Saturday night fell through the curtain where the event horizon is projected and brought the stargate down. Fortunately no one was hurt. I hope the USS Sovereign will consider rebuilding the stargate. It was huge hit with the fans. Even Christopher Judge was willing to get his picture taken with it.

If you are a Star Trek novel reader; Friday night the Star Trek novel authors were there for a meet the Pros session. Other authors from other sci fi genres were there too. Being that the conventions are an awesome opportunity for Scott & I to get interviews w/ the guests, We took advantage of the time to interview Gary Lockwood, Christopher Judge and Cliff Simon. On Saturday I took the opportunity to give blood. I didn’t see any aliens there this year, but you never know at a con. Last year I gave blood there with two Klingons. Maybe next year there will be aliens there w/ me giving blood. I should also point out that two independent fan film groups were there at Shoreleave. Starship Farragut was there to show their short "Just passing through". Brown Coats Redemption was there as well showing their film that debuted last year at Dragon Con.

Saturday night was the Costume Masquerade. As always the fans that participate go all out. This year there was a assimilated Sponge Bob Square Pants being chased by a couple of Klingon superheroes. Cliff Simon from Stargate: SG1 was a guest judge.

On Sunday Scott & I were able to interview Tricia Helfer and John de Lancie. The only guest we didn’t interview was Eddie McClintock who has agreed to do a phone interview in the near future. We look forward to giving you these interviews in the upcoming months ahead.

There was so much to enjoy about Shoreleave! One of the great things was reconnecting with old friends. From the folks at Starship Farragut, the Star Trek novel authors, Ed and his R2 droid and John Fraizer from ThinkGeek and his wife Heather. I believe we made some new friends as well.

I’ll conclude with what I said last year. If there’s a smaller fan run convention in your area, consider attending and supporting it. They may not get the most well known guests like the William Shatner's and Patrick Stewart’s of the world. However, the chances of them getting quality guests are good and your chance to interact with them are quite good as well. That’s my Shoreleave report. Looking forward to Shoreleave 34!

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