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Life After Trek Podcast Episode 14 Our Lives After Trek Part 2

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 12 Our Lives After Trek Part 2

We’re pleased to announce the fourteenth episode of our “Life After Trek” podcast. In this second and final part of our special round-table discussion, that we're calling "Our Lives After Trek", we had the fortune of talking Trek with Trek author Dayton Ward, Trek know-it-all Larry Nemecek, Trek blogger Jerad "Super Spock" Formby, and Geek Fighter Damon Shaw.  Sorry for the delay in releasing part 2.  We had some unforseen technical difficulties that put a kybosh on releasing this episode when we had originally planned.

This time we discuss all of the TNG movies from Star Trek: Generations through Star Trek: Nemesis.  We also chat about Enterprise and discover that we all have common thoughts about the show.  After that, we even dive into the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot of our beloved franchise.  You definitely won't want to miss that.

Be sure to visit our panelists at their homes on the interwebs. You'll find Dayton Ward at / twitter, Larry Nemecek at / / twitter, Jerad Formby at Hey Star Trek! on Tumblr / twitter /, and Damon Shaw at / twitter.

Again, for those with kids out there, this episode has language that may not be appropriate for young ears.  Listener discretion is advised. 




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