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Star Trek For Homework? Heck Yeah!

Star Trek For Homework? Heck Yeah!

What kid didn’t wish that just once their mom would say, “Now put that book down! Turn that TV on! And watch some Star Trek!” Ok, maybe it was just me, but come on, how cool would that have been? Now, if you take one of Professor Daryl Frazetti’s courses that may become a reality. Many of you may know Daryl from the documentaries “Trekkies” and “Trekkies 2.” More recently he’s using his knowledge of Star Trek and other science fiction in the Anthropology courses he teaches and a book he is currently writing. To help in the data collection for his upcoming book, “The Anthropology of Star Trek” he has created a short Star Trek Fandom survey  that you can take now through the end of November.

Daryl says this of the survey, “It is intended to gather data about the subculture of Trek fandom. I am hoping that many who may not think of themselves as fans, but watch the shows or films will take it. I want to construct the best portrait of fandom as possible. The data will be used to write a formal ethnography about the culture of Trek fans, and it will be a book chapter in the forthcoming 2011 text - Anthropology of Star Trek. In addition, given the attention and interest the survey has sparked, I am hoping to bring it to conventions as a presentation, and it will be a forthcoming paper in Popular Anthropology. I will also be making the survey data and write up available on my website and Facebook.”

Daryl’s current academic schedule has him teaching the pop culture class this spring at CSU Channel Islands. - SOC/ENG/COMM 322 - Sociology of Popular Culture Spring 2011 California State University, Channel Island, Camarillo, CA. Daryl G. Frazetti .

If you aren’t in school anymore, but would still like to see Daryl and hear him talk about Star Trek and its effect on the world, you can find him at numerous conventions and lectures around the country. We just caught up with him in Plano at Star Trek Fan Days and were able to get some video of his presentation.

Some of his upcoming appearances include:

Loscon in Los Angeles, November 26-28 2010

American River College in Sacramento, CA, January 13

Emerald City Comicon in Washington State, March 4-6 2011

And many more awaiting confirmation. Watch Subspace Communique’s Facebook Fan Page for additional appearance updates.

Don’t forget to make your voice heard and take part in the Star Trek Fandom survey We, here at Subspace Communique’s headquarters did. It was fun, easy, and thought provoking. Act fast! The survey is only going to be available through the end of November.

Check out Daryl's "Anthropology of Star Trek" session from the Star Trek Fan Days convention in Plano, TX.

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