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"KHAAAAAN! The Musical" Premiering At The Kansas City Fringe Fest

"KHAAAAAN! The Musical" Premiering At The Kansas City Fringe Fest

Thanks to our twitter buddy, Star Trek author Dayton Ward, we learned that "KHAAAAAN! The Musical" is making it's world premiere at the Kansas City Fringe Festival this month.  According to Khan Noonien Singh himself, "My plans for world domination will be laid bare in a few weeks at the Kansas City Fringe Festival when Khan! the Musical debuts at the Off Center Theatre in Crown Center. That’s right, it’s a brand new musical all about me, written by Bryan Colley and Tara Varney. Khan! also features rockin’ original music by Tim Gillespie and Michelle Cotton."

Khan has also warned Kansas City of his upcoming wrath that he plans to rage upon its inhabitants, "Kansas City will succumb to my superior intellect, and it shall be renamed Khansas City".  "Khan" will be played by Steven Eubank, with Jay Coombes as "Kirk", Bob Grove as "Spock", and Kevin Albert as "McCoy".  Amy Hurrelbrink is also scheduled to appear as one of Khan's devoted worshipers

The show is set for a 6 day run at the Off Center Theater in Crown Center starting July 27th.  Tickets run $10 a person, but also require a Fringe Festival button for $5 which can be purchased at the theater box office.  "KHAAAAAN!" is sponsored by who will be holding a raffle every night of the show for a bag full of Think Geek swag.  Raffle tickets run $1 and you can buy as many as you like.  Apparently, if you buy a raffle ticket, Khan thinks that "there is no better way to show your allegiance."

Check out the show dates and times below.

"KHAAAAAN! The Musical" by Roddenberry Pie (we love that name)
Off Center Theater in Crown Center
2450 Grand
Kansas City, MO. 64108

6:30 pm Tuesday, July 27
8:00 pm Wednesday, July 28
8:30 pm Thursday, July 29
10:00 pm Friday, July 30
9:30 pm Saturday, July 31 (with a special 12:30 am late show)
2:00 pm Sunday, August 1

Vist the official "KHAAAAAN! The Musical" website here.

Learn more about the Kansas City Fringe Festival here.

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