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Hollywood Nursing Home Where DeForest Kelley Spent Final Days Set To Close

Hollywood Nursing Home Were DeForest Kelley Spent Final Days Set To Close

DeForest Kelley lost his battle to cancer in the summer of 1999.  It's amazing that time passes so quickly and it's been over 10 years since his passing.  De (as his friends would call him), spent his final days at The Motion Picture Country House.  The home was setup nearly six decades ago to look after elderly actors and unsung industry heroes including soundmen, lighting technicians and grips and is supported by The Motion Picture and Television Fund.

The home has hit hard times and according to an article from, it's operating at nearly a $10 million deficit.  Since last year, half of the 130 patients have been moved to other nursing homes - the remainder are fighting an increasingly bitter battle to stay.

The fight is being led by a vocal campaign group which recently protested outside the MPTF's annual Oscar week fund-raising party. The party was attended by the cream of Hollywood's A-list and raised $6 million (pounds 4 million) - but none of that will go to the home.

The fund says the decision to close has been caused by a decline in California state health contributions, a fall in the value of the fund's own investments and a lower level of donations to the home.

Current residents include Mary Stellar, 92, who worked at MGM Studios and was a secretary to Albert "Cubby" Broccoli, producer of the James Bond films.

Her son Richard Stellar, 54, said: "The ironic thing is that the motion picture industry is generous and the fund does a lot of good.

"It is first to react to Haiti, Chile and Darfur, anything outside the United States, but this problem is happening in their own back yard and they've really dropped the ball.

"The point was that you could be the guy that brought coffee on set, but as long as you were in the industry you were looked after. They seem to have lost sight of the heart of the fund."


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