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Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart, Mulgrew, McDowell, & Many More All At DragonCon 2009

Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart, Mulgrew, McDowell, & More All At DragonCon 2009

Dragon-Con, the largest multimedia, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US, is set for launch September 4th thru the 8th.  This year several Star Trek stars will be in attendance including three captains, a vulcan, and an evil mastermind that looks remarkably like H.G. Wells.

William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Malcolm McDowell, plus many others are all scheduled to appear  Below is a quick list, pulled from the Dragon-Con site, showing all Star Trek actors scheduled for the con.

Check out the Dragon-Con site to see the full list of guests including several Star Trek authors and artists

John BillingsleyJohn Billingsley
John Billingsley is an American actor known for a number of memorable TV and film characters, perhaps his most notable being the role of Doctor Phlox on the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

James CawleyJames Cawley
James Cawley plays Captain Kirk in and is the creator and executive producer of the award-winning Internet series, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. A costumer on TNG, he was given original patterns and stage blueprints, appears in the new Trek movie, and was a consultant for J.J. Abrams.

Louise FletcherLouise Fletcher
An Academy Award winner and American icon, Louise Fletcher is best known to baby-boomers as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. For Generation Xers, however, she was the cunning Kai Winn on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Bonita FriedericyBonita Friedericy
Bonita Friedericy is an American actress, currently can be seen in the television series Chuck as NSA Director General Beckman. She has also appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise, The Nine, The West Wing, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Richard HerdRichard Herd
Richard Herd is known to millions for a variety of roles: John the Supreme Commander in V, his recurring role as Admiral William Noyce on Seaquest, as Admiral Owen Paris on Star Trek: Voyager, and three seasons as Captain Dennis Sheridan in T.J. Hooker among numerous guest star roles.

Malcolm McDowellMalcolm McDowell
Malcolm McDowell is a British actor. McDowell's career has spanned more than forty years and includes notable roles in if...., A Clockwork Orange, O Lucky Man!, Star Trek Generations, the TV serial Our Friends in the North, Entourage, Heroes, Metalocalypse, and the 2007 horror remake of Halloween.

Robert Duncan McNeillRobert Duncan McNeill
Robert Duncan McNeill is an American actor, producer, movie director, and television director who is best known for his role as Lieutenant Tom Paris on the television show Star Trek: Voyager.

Anthony MontgomeryAnthony Montgomery
Anthony T. Montgomery (b. June 2, 1971, Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American film and television actor.He is best known in the role of Ensign Travis Mayweather on the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.Montgomery is the grandson of jazz musician Wes Montgomery.

Kate MulgrewKate Mulgrew
Mulgrew's first television role was of older daughter Mary Ryan on the soap opera Ryan's Hope from 1975 to 1977.  She became a fan favorite and is still associated with the show long after its cancellation.  Mulgrew is perhaps best known for her role as Captain Kathryn Janeway on the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager which ran from 1995 to 2001.

Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy's most famous role is the half-Vulcan, half-human Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series, which ran from 1966 to 1969. He will be appearing at Dragon*Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only.

Dwight SchultzDwight Schultz
William Dwight Schultz is an American stage, television and film actor. He is best known for his roles as Mung Daal in the children's cartoon Chowder, Captain "Howling Mad" Murdock on the hit 1980s action show The A-Team, and Reginald Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and the film Star Trek: First Contact.

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
William Alan Shatner is an actor and novelist who gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, captain of the starship USS Enterprise, in the television series Star Trek from 1966 to 1969, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and in seven of the subsequent Star Trek feature films.

Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart is an English film, television, and stage actor. He is perhaps most widely known for his television and film roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Professor Xavier in the X-Men films.

Garrett WangGarrett Wang
Wang is best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager, which ran from 1995 to 2001. He was keen to participate in a new role for the 2007 fan production Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.



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