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Denise Crosby's Pre Trek Expo Interview. Wants to make 'Trekkies 3"

Denise Crosby's Pre Trek Expo Interview. Wants to make 'Trekkies 3" recently conducted a phone interview with TNG alum Denise Crosby.  Set to appear at Trek Expo, Crosby got the call a few days before the convention.  In the interview she discusses Trekkies 1 & 2 and even the possibility for a third.

Crosby, 51, said at the time of the first documentary she polled friends who knew little to nothing about "Star Trek” and asked them what they call those fans. They universally said Trekkies and none had heard the term Trekkers, Crosby said.

"So, the film I wanted to stand on its own as a film that could play in the cinema and appeal to a broad audience, not just a fan film, and Trekkies is sort of the universal, global expression of ‘Star Trek’ fans,” she said.

Because she was someone from the "Star Trek” family, Crosby said, fans granted her access to their private and sometimes very public passion for all things "Trek.” It also allowed her to approach other actors and get them to talk candidly about fans. But Crosby said she didn’t want to offend fans because they had been burned before (by William Shatner’s "get a life” skit on "Saturday Night Live”) and was concerned about how "Trekkies” would be perceived.

"It’s a fine line because you don’t want to put on kid gloves and make a recruiting film here for ‘Star Trek.’ I really wanted to have a look into this world of fandom and this particular show, which is unlike anything else and has been sort of the granddaddy of them all. At the same time, I didn’t want to be cruel or judgmental ... so I had to figure out how to really make that real for the film,” she said.

Crosby said following the popularity of the new "Star Trek” film, she’s hoping to make a "Trekkies 3” that will touch on the new film and its actors and fans as well as visit places not covered by the previous films.

"Our intention was always to make a ‘3,’ to have a triple box set. And there are areas I still want to go to. ‘Trekkies 1’ was domestic and ‘Trekkies 2’ we went global, but we didn’t get everywhere,” she said.

"And I’m curious still, to make it a full circle about Asia, Africa and India, like what’s going on there. Sort of our ‘Lost in Translation’ version of ‘Trekkies.’” (source

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