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hey star trek!

Hey Star Trek! on Voyager, Farscape, and One More Show You Won't Watch

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Call us Hey Star Trek! We have always been Hey Star Trek! Even if our illustrious founder and CEO had called us something else, called us Hey You! or Lookout! Star Trek!, we would have still been Hey Star Trek! For we have always found ourselves in the position of loving Star Trek, but needing to touch it on the shoulder and say: Hey. Excuse us, but?

Or else yanking it from the street as an oncoming car was coming toward it, saying: Hey! Are you trying to get yourself killed!?

When we were a much younger company, when we were making pictures for the very awesome Make Me Dehner Dot Com, mixing sound for the first minute or so for each episode of geek fights, we had made our minds up about all sorts of things.

Amongst these things, we knew, like you, that Voyager was the weakest of the Star Trek shows. We also knew, just like many of you, that Farscape was lame and couldn't possibly be any good. We hope now, that you see where this issue is headed, gentle reader....

...and it's going to be okay. Just relax, read, listen to our proposals, and understand that the end of the world is happening in 2012. Yes, as the Mayan calendar is playing out its final year, its time for all of us to examine those truths we hold dear.

This holiday season and on through til the End of Times, we're giving each of you the opportunity to ignore a petty prejudice and embrace something new. That's what we've been up to for most of the year and it has been very, very rewarding for us.

Because Star Trek typically leads by example, Hey Star Trek! will lay out a few examples of how we did what we're asking all of you to do.

Hey Star Trek! Responds To Super 8

(Preface by Captain Pyke: We are thrilled to have "Hey Star Trek!" visiting us here at Subspace Communique! Jerad Formby has been a good friend to the site almost since its inception and we're honored that he would post another fantastic edition of his popular series here. While Jerad has been having some unresolved technical issues posting on, we're excited to be the surrogate home for "Hey Star Trek!" Hopefully all the problems will be sorted out soon, but Until then, enjoy!)

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Meanwhile, back at the lab, it seems Star Trek director J.J. Abrams has put together a new movie designed to help us all remember what it was like to see a movie in the 1980s. It’s obvious that he wants to take us back to a simpler era where movies held for all of us a sense of wonder and a youthful sense of fear.

He’s framed his story around young people who make movies as a hobby so that there is no confusing that this major motion picture is a valentine written and shipped to all of us thirty years ago. This movie, by design, would have played at the emerging cineplexes of old –on a screen right next to E.T. or Gremlins or The Goonies..

He even took it upon himself to film the movie as if it were made in that era. The film doesn’t suffer from frequent cutting and MTV pacing. It’s presented in sweeping panoramas of good ol’ small town kids in their good ol’ small town, flirting with their coming of age stories.

And it’s even a little scary. To ensure that the scares were as 1980s-authentic as possible, Mr. Abrams even observed the old Jaws adage. You know the one we mean.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art