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Gates McFadden

Star Trek TNG's Gates McFadden "Wants To Know..."

Four measly years before she took on the role as Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher, Gates McFadden had the "leading role" in a National Enquirer commercial. Any child of the 80s will remember these ads, with their iconic "I wanna know" catch phrase.

Apparently Gates wants to know about "Johnny Cash's recent brush with death" and how she can "cheer up her wardrobe for under $10 this Christmas", in 1983. Check out the retro commercial flashback below.

Hat tip to The Korkster for recommending the video.

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In A 1987 Studio Memo

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In '87 Studio Memo

Over the years, we've all heard stories about certain actors who were up for roles on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", but for one reason or other didn't want or get the part.  Now, thanks to (via, we have an April 1987 dated Paramount studio memo that sheds light on the actually prospects for the TNG crew.  

Among the many names listed, Yaphet Kotto was up for the role of Captain Picard, Ben Murphy (Alias Smith & Jones) was a candidate for Riker (spelled Ryker in the memo), Denise Crosby was considered to play Troi, & kid's game show host J.D. Roth was the only actor listed for Wesley.  Here's something that we learned at Vegas Khhaaan (that the memo confirms, Eric Menyuk (aka The Traveler from TNG) was a possibility for our lovable android, Data.

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