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Convention Coverage

Scifi Expo Dallas Convention Recap

Scifi Expo Dallas Convention Recap

Over the weekend, we made the drive up to Dallas again for another fantastic show; Scifi Expo.  Sure, it's not necessarily a Trek con, per se, but the convention is featuring another scifi series that's near and dear to our hearts.  The ill-fated Joss Whedon spectacular known as  Firefly.  I gotta say, if we weren't Trek fans, we would definitely be Browncoats, but I digress. 

A little less than half of the crew of Serenity made the "trek" to Big-D . The role call includes; Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, and Sean Maher.  There is one Trek connection here however, Ron was in the Voyager episode "Nightingale".   You know the one… Harry Kim finally gets the chance to be in command of a ship.  It's one of our favorites from Voyager.  Anyway,   We got the chance to hang out during the Serenity / Firefly panel and here are a few highlights….

Creation Entertainment's 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas; AKA Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Recap

Creation Entertainment's 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas; AKA Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Recap

Now that we're finally back to the land of the living and have fully recovered from Vegas Khhaaan 2011, we can officially say that this was the best con ever! I know that's saying a lot, but we truly had a blast hanging with everyone. Especially, you, our fans. We got to know so many of you on a personal level that we can call you friends. Thanks for stopping us and telling us how much Subspace Communique means to you. Hearing things like that, make what we do here at the site and through our podcast, worth more than gold pressed latinum.

Every panel that we covered had it's special charm. Many of the stars seemed invigorated by the crowd's energy, and there was plenty energy to go around. With the main hall seating close to 6,000 fans and an overall attendance of 20,000+, this convention will go down as the largest in Vegas, possibly the United States. To loosely quote Brent Spiner, "Hi to those in the back, I probably look like a raisin on a couch to you."

Miles McLoughlin Reports: Shore Leave 33

Hello Subspace Communique readers. It’ s hard to believe that my friend and cohost Scott of the Sci Fi Diner Podcast and I were at the Shoreleave convention. For those of you that have never heard of Shoreleave, it’s a fan run convention held near Baltimore MD. Usually sometime in July.

BayouCon 2011, Lake Charles, Louisiana – Post Con Wrap-up

BayouCon 2011, Lake Charles, Louisiana – Post Con Wrap-up

We had a great time at BayouCon this weekend! It may not have had the largest attendance in history, but that just meant that each fan that did attend had more time to spend personally with each guest. It was a great convention for one on one “face-time” with Star Trek favorites; Vaughn Armstrong, Max Grodenchik, and Larry Nemecek.

Watch for our upcoming episodes of Life After Trek that we recorded with Vaughn and Max on the last day of the con. They’ll be out soon!

BayouCon 2011 Live Coverage - Day 2

BayouCon 2011 Live Coverage - Day 3

We're heading down to bayou country to hang with Klingons & Ferengi. If you can't make it to Lake Charles, Louisiana this weekend, never fear, you can watch the full weekend live coverage below.

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