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Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental 17 Released

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental 17 Released

David, Darren and Alicia bring us another edition of Trekcast: Scifi Supplemental.

This week on the supplement we update you with the latest on whats happening with the new movie and what it’s done at the box office as well as our personal reviews, and what we thought of the film after we have had a chance to really take it all in.

Of course it wouldn’t be a supplement without some subspace signals so we answer some of your great emails (thanks for those and keep them coming).


Trekcast 27 Available For Download

Trekcast 27 Available On iTunesAttention earthlings a brand new episode of Trekcast is available to download. Do it now!

So here it is the wait is over for Star Trek , and we here at Trekcast had our first meet up at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas (thanks to everyone who could make it) for the premiere, and we want to share that with you so we taped this episode as it was happening so here you go and enjoy. (source Trekcast)


Trekcast 26 w/ Special Guest Rod Roddenberry Available On iTunes

Trekcast 26 w/ Special Guest Rod Roddenberry Available On iTunesTrekcast episode 26 has been unleashed on the world. In this weeks episode David and Darren interview special guest Rod Roddenberry, visit the floor of Sci-fi Summit 2009, talk with Lightspeed Entertainment about some of their great sci-fi themed artwork, and more.

After all that great content an all new What’s what with Brandi T. and an all new Klingon word of the day, we hope you have been studying your Klingon. (source Trekcast)

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks 'Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks ' Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'In the latest 'Hey, Star Trek!' Jerad Formby asks argh choo too NERDY!? Our answer is yes, yes we are.  This time Jerad speculates on the possible fan nods (or nerd-nut-nods. Love that!) included in the new Star Trek movie. 

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental 15 Available on iTunes

Trekcast Sc-fi Supplemental 15 Available on iTunesA new Trekcast Sci-fi Supplemental episode is available for your trek pleasure.

This week we have a great interview with Paul Simpson editor of The Official Star Trek Magazine, and he gives us the scoop on what great stuff is coming up in the Star Trek Magazine issue #17 is out now and 18 will be available the day Star Trek hits theaters subscribe here.


Brand New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog Post By Jerad Formby

Brand New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog Post By Jerad FormbyIn this installment of 'Hey, Star Trek!' Jerad discusses the hype Hollywood has always relied on to stay profitable. Including the latest created around the new IMAX movie releases. Is it really better in IMAX? Even if it's not shot with IMAX technology? Jerad explains.

Trekcast 25 available on iTunes

Trekcast 25 available on iTunesTrekcast just launched another episode on iTunes.

First off we set Jason the original co-host of Trekcast loose at H.M.S. Creative Productions and he provides us with a great interview, not only do these guys know Trek but they built it.


Trekcast Sc-fi Supplemental 14 Available on iTunes

Trekcast Sc-fi Supplemental 14 Available on iTunesThe brand new Trekcast Sc-fi Supplemental #14 is available for your listening pleasure.

This week David and Darren discuss the new Diamond Select toys that are on the way, marshmallow-y goodness, and the new "Star Trek' soon in theaters. Also they read a few viewer emails and cover the latest installment of 'The Path to 2409. Be sure to listen this week for the other half of the DVDGeeks and Trekcast contest question. You could win the new TOS remastered on Blu-ray.


Trekcast 24 available on iTunes

Trekcast 24 available on iTunesNew episode of Trekcast hits the interwebs today.

In this episode we find our heroes braving Neonopolis and the Xanadu Sc-fi convention. There they fight off, phasers in hand, a horde of anime-maids. Also covered is the Klingon word of the day, Weekly Star Trek news, and a meeting with the Alien Warrior Comic. Be sure to tune in to Trekcast our favorite Star Trek podcast.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art