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Star Trek: TOS

Urban Interviewed By The Shatner Project

Urban Interviewed By The Shatner Project

If you didn't know, William Shatner has his own Youtube channel called 'The Shatner Project'.  In the most recently released video we see Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy in Star Trek XI) interviewed at The Shat's Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

Urban is asked all about his role as Bones including how he prepared for the role and if he actually watched Star Trek as a lad.  Check out the video below.

Shatner Chats Tekwar Graphic Novel & Raw Nerve

Shatner Chats Tekwar Graphic Novel & Raw Nerve

In a recent article with Wired Magazine, William Shatner talks about everything but Star Trek.  A new 'Tekwar' graphic novel, more 'Raw Nerve', and possibly a remake of 'T.J. Hooker' are all on The Shats radar.

Deforest Kelley Book Debuts as #1 Nonfiction E-Book

Deforest Kelley Bio Debuts as #1 Nonfiction E-Book

A newly-released e-book, The Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley: Actor, Healer, Friend, written by Kelley's former personal assistant Kristine M Smith, skyrocketed immediately to first place in the non-fiction category at upon its May 1st release, where it has resolutely remained for three weeks.

Behind The Scenes With Shatner On 'Invasion Iowa'

Behind The Scenes With Shatner On 'Invasion Iowa'

Shatner's Invasion Iowa is on it's way to DVD. To celebrate the release, The Shat has released a behind the scene video of his commentary recording sessions.

'What's Invasion Iowa?' you say. Here's a brief synopsis - William Shatner spoofs/punks a whole Midwestern town, (Riverside, Iowa, aka: the birth place of his Star Trek character, Captain Kirk) who think he is in town to shoot a big-budget, action-adventure film. (synopsis source IMDB)

Shatner Directs & Stars In 'The Gavones'. A Web Exclusive Cartoon

Shatner Produced & Stars In 'The Gavones' Web Exclusive Cartoon

YouTube has an exclusive preview of the 'The Gavones' a William Shatner directed web cartoon. Shatner plays the lead character, a patriarch over an Italian mob Family. He also lends his voice to one of the sons in the family. Check out the video below.

Star Trek Episodes Used To Teach History At SDSU

Star Trek Episodes Used To Teach History At SDSU

As reported by KFMB San Diego, A San Diego State University professor is using Star Trek: TOS episodes to teach his college students American history.

The first episode of "Star Trek" aired in 1966. Since then, there have been five television series, 11 movies, and now a college history class.

"It is a history class and ‘Star Trek' is just a vehicle for me to explore it," John Putman said.

Original Tribble From 'The Trouble With Tribbles' On Ebay

Original Tribble From 'The Trouble With Tribbles' On Ebay

Here's your chance to buy a piece of Star Trek: TOS history.  An original working tribble is up for auction on ebay.  If you can't afford the $5,000.00 buy it now price, there is always another tribble from DS9 for sale.

Who's In Your Dream Crew?

Who's In Your Dream Crew?Dan Swenson, of the New Orleans The Times-Picayune, wrote a recent article describing his Star Trek dream crew.  With his first pick for captain being Jean-Luc Picard of TNG.  We found this to be a really interesting read although a little light on the DS9'ers.

Captain Jean-Luc-Picard


Lt. Leslie of 'Star Trek: TOS' Answers Your Questions.

Lt. Leslie of Star Trek: TOS Answers Your Questions.Eddie Paskey played Lt. Leslie in 59 episodes of 'Star Trek: The Original Series".  He was William Shatner's stand-in and seen in more episodes than George Takei or Walter Koenig.   Paskey will be making an appearance on Weekend Edition in a few weeks and NPR is giving us Trekkers a chance to ask Lt. Leslie Questions.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art