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Take the Star Trek Quiz

Star Trek Quiz

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To celebrate the premiere of the new Star Trek film directed by JJ Abrams, test your knowledge of Star Trek lore. The show's been around for over 40 years, had numerous spinoffs and movies, and developed an insanely rabid fanbase. Are you a Herbert? A Trekkie? Trekker? Find out.

We got 19 / 20. Seems that someone here forgot that Bill Shatner directed the god-awful Star Trek V.  Of course we can't really blame them for forgetting.

New 'Star Trek' clip hits the internet

New 'Star Trek' clip hits the internetA brand new clip from the upcoming 'Star Trek' features Spock as acting captain of the Enterprise. Spock meets Scotty for the first time and apparently Kirk and Scotty both transported aboard while at warp.

You can see the new clip here (via Collider)

First Video Review of 'Star Trek'

First Video Review of 'Star Trek' has the first video review for the JJ Abrams film 'Star Trek'. The glowing review only has one minor complaint; "Nero, played by Eric Bana, doesn't get enough screen time to make him more than a one dimensional plot device".

View the full review here

Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition Released. Bored Trekkers rejoice.

Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition Released.  Bored Trekkers rejoice.Screenlife Games, creator of Scene It?, the number one DVD game, today announced the release of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition. Featuring trivia questions, on-screen puzzlers and real clips from their favorite live-action TV series and movies, the game will challenge and entertain everyone from casual "Star Trek" viewers to the most die-hard fan.

One question where's the isolinear chip version?

Full press release here

Shatner Talks About TV's First Interracial Kiss

Shatner Talks About TV's First Interracial Kiss

In the youtube video shown below, William Shatner talks about performing TV's first interracial kiss with Nichelle Nichols. It's interesting that The Shat talks about this being the first interracial kiss here but, in his book 'Star Trek Memories' describes how the censors required him and Nichelle to turn their heads blocking the kiss from view. Even though we don't see it, the kiss from TOS episode "Plato's Stepchildren" is still recorded as the first interracial kiss.


More 'Star Trek' Premiere Coverage

More 'Star Trek' Premeire CoverageReuters reports on the opening of 'Star Trek' at the Sydney Opera House. It includes fan reaction and interviews with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

'Star Trek' Stars Answer Your Questions at Sydney Premiere

'Star Trek' Stars Answer Your Questions at Sydney PremiereAs reported by Trek Movie, JJ Abrams and the stars of 'Star Trek' answer fan questions in a series of videos from the world premiere in Sydney.

Questions were submitted by fans through the social networking site Twitter. They ranged from "how does the music in this movie compare to the other Star Trek movie scores?" to "How did you prepare for the role of Bones without having DeForest Kelley around to offer guidance?" ask of Karl Urban.

'Star Trek' Behind the scenes video with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

'Star Trek' Behind the scenes video with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.As reported by, the Hollywood Reporter has uncovered a new behind the scenes video of the upcoming 'Star Trek'.

The nearly five minute video mostly contains interviews with screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. In it, they talk about various things from the challenges of rebooting a franchise like this to whether or not there is a Tribble in the movie.

See the video after the jump.

Star Trek Online Starts New Dev Blog

Star Trek Online has launched a brand new dev blog over at The first entry is from Christine "Kestrel" Thompson, a writer for Star Trek Online.

Christine talks about the fun of writing for ST:Online: "I get to play in the toybox that is the Star Trek Universe, and that's fabulous. It's one of the deepest and most detailed and most fun sci-fi settings ever, and I'm thrilled to be able to write Trek stories." She Continues, "But writing for STO isn't like writing a Trek novel or a script. There are a completely different set of questions to consider."

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