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Hollywood Premiere Footage Courtesy of Paramount

ywood Premiere Footage Courtesy of ParamountParamount just released a 6 minute video featuring footage from the Hollywood Premiere of 'Star Trek' at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

The video shows the cast on the black carpet including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, and Bruce Greenwood. Also included are one on one interviews with the cast.

Khan Comes To Comics

Khan Comes To Comics

As reported by, IDW is publishing a comic adaptation of 'Star Trek II: The Wraith of Khan'.  Suprisingly, this is the first time the move has been adapted to comics.  News-a-rama's Chris Arrant sat down with comic writer Andy Schmidt to discuss the adaptation and subtle difference between it and the move.

NEWSARAMA: And did you take any chances to develop something differently than in the movie, or use any foreshadowing for future events?

Trekcast 26 w/ Special Guest Rod Roddenberry Available On iTunes

Trekcast 26 w/ Special Guest Rod Roddenberry Available On iTunesTrekcast episode 26 has been unleashed on the world. In this weeks episode David and Darren interview special guest Rod Roddenberry, visit the floor of Sci-fi Summit 2009, talk with Lightspeed Entertainment about some of their great sci-fi themed artwork, and more.

After all that great content an all new What’s what with Brandi T. and an all new Klingon word of the day, we hope you have been studying your Klingon. (source Trekcast)

Paramount Releases More Hollywood Premiere Photos

Eric Bana

Paramount released a new slew of photos from the Hollywood premiere of 'Star Trek' at Graumann's Chinese Theater. The photos include the cast of 'Star Trek' as well as J.J. Abrams and shots from the red, uh, black carpet.

Black Carpet

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks 'Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'

'Hey, Star Trek!' Asks ' Argh Choo Too NERDY!?'In the latest 'Hey, Star Trek!' Jerad Formby asks argh choo too NERDY!? Our answer is yes, yes we are.  This time Jerad speculates on the possible fan nods (or nerd-nut-nods. Love that!) included in the new Star Trek movie. 

Star Trek Online Updates and Q&A

Star Trek Online Updates and Q&A

Star Trek Online recent released three new updates inlcluding a new ship type, ask Cryptic Q&A, and a new addition to their Kobayashi Maru series.

Type VII Commercial Laboratory Update

New Dossiers Added To 'Star Trek' Website has added the final dossiers for Nero, The Enterprise, The Jellyfish, and Nero's ship The Narada.  Each new dossier also has a corresponding wallpaper for you to download and use one your computer's desktop.


The Enterprise

The Jellyfish

Zachary Quinto Q&A

Zachary Quinto Q&AThe San Fransisco Chronicle's Peter Harlaub had a chance to talk with Zachary Quinto recently and ask a few questions about his role as Spock and the new 'Star Trek' film.

Q: Was it an advantage having Leonard Nimoy on set?

A: It was incredible. I felt like it was my responsibility to define this character and bring him to life in my own regard. And Leonard gave me real freedom to do that. Getting to know him and considering him a friend was one of the biggest honors in the whole experience for me.

Q: Did the Vulcan salute come naturally?

Early Days Of The Sci-fi Channel & Gene Roddenberry

Early Days Of Sci-fi ChannelIn an on-going series Mitchell Rubenstein (co-founder of the Sci-fi channel) discusses the early days of starting Sci-fi and meeting extraordinary people.  In part 3, he talks of his first meeting with Gene Roddenberry on the Paramount lot.

We met Gene at his office at Paramount Studios. Laurie and I had never before set foot on a studio lot. After the usual pleasantries, he said, “How’d you like a tour of the Star Trek set?”

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