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Geek Fights Podcast Episode 26: Best Star Trek Episode Part 1

Geek Fights Podcast Episode 26: Best Star Trek Episode Part 1

Okay, so, this is a daunting task... Choosing the best "Star Trek" episode ever made. The Field has been chosen and the players assume there positions. That's right our good friends over at Geek Fights have boldly gone were few have gone before. Sorry, had to. Truly though, the task is really daunting, in fact there are so many fantastic Trek episodes spanning the various series that the Geek Fighters had to split this battle royale into two and a half episodes. Damon & Mike enlist the help of Trekcast's Darren Benjamin and Geek Fighters Barry Ingram & Paul Storrie. Stay tuned for part two coming shortly with yours truly, where I drop truth bombs. TRUTH BOMBS! Was that a bit much?... A little?.... Okay, a little.

Geek Fights Episode 26: Best Star Trek Episode
The wait is over! Join us as Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Darren Benjamin, Barry Ingram and Paul Storrie boldly go where no Geek Fight has gone before, in the first part of THE BEST STAR TREK EPISODE. Can Measure of a Man measure up to Amok Time? Is The Trouble With Tribbles more tribbleriffic than Trials and Tribblaetions? Can Dead Stop stop Ship in a Bottle? Can Statistical Probabilities beat the odds, or Is Yesterday's Enterprise todays winner? Find out who makes it to the finals, then tune in Next week for the second part and the finale!

And, by the way, you need to listen to Geek Fights. Some of the content might not be suitable for younger ears, but there be good times ahead.

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Download episode 26 here.

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