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Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich Interview

Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich Interview

Mutliplayer Online Game Directory recently sat down with Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich to talk Season One: Common Ground.  Some of the more interesting topics in the interview were the coming of a possible death penalty in the game and how Cryptic is dealing with the negative reviews and subscriber reactions.

Check out an excerpt from the interview.

MPOGD: What has been the development team's reaction to how the fans and critics have responded to Star Trek Online since it launched? Has reading those pros and cons given you new things to thrive for or change?

Were listening closely to our subscribers. We really want to keep an open dialogue with our customers and find out what it is they like, dislike, and want more of in the game. Reviews and such are an important metric, but at the end of the day, reviews dont pay your bills, your customers do. So thats where weve really been focusing, and weve gotten a lot of great feedback from our community.

MPOGD: I think one of the reasons for the lack of challenge, when looking at player reaction, is that death seems to have little meaning. You blow-up, re-load, and continue the fight. We've heard that the death penalty is one element that's going to be examined. What's your thoughts behind the death penalty debate and is there any word on what changes might be in store for it?

Were working on some death penalty options internally right now. The real trick is to figure out a way to make death something you want to avoid, but also make it work within the framework of the game. The way our acquisition of power works, its not as simple as losing everything youre carrying, losing a ship if it explodes and so on. Basically, you want players to feel a sense of loss, but it has to be a replaceable loss. Its something were still tinkering with internally, but were not a point where were ready to speak specifically about whats coming.

MPOGD: Beyond Update 1 there's several interesting mentions as to what Cryptic would like to further explore. There's the Undine, Genesis System, new locations that could be visited, and potentially a new playable faction. Is there any info you can share on these things or are they more internal thoughts and hopes at this time rather than being concrete set in stone blue prints?

Weve got a general idea of where we want to head beyond Season One, but were not ready to talk about specifics. Were very focused on getting this big update out and playable for our subscribers. Then well take our next cue from their reaction and feedback on Season One. Really, we want to develop the game our players want, which means getting as much real, live feedback as possible before we really dive into a big mechanic or new feature.  (source

Read the full interview here.

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