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Star Trek Into Darkness Co-Star Alice Eve Talks About The Script And Her Time On Set

Alice Eve Talks About Her Role In Star Trek Into Darkness

It's going to be a crazy ride to May 17th. All of the press for Star Trek Into Darkness is really starting to ramp up and it's only going to get crazier the closer we get to summer. Trek newcomer Alice Eve recently talked to Digital Spy about her time working on the new J.J. Abrams film and had nothing but praise for her director.

"He's a very intelligent, talented and determined man. Being around him is inspiring, and he engages you - you want to do your best for him, and tell his story in the way that he wants it told."

She continues with some isight on what it was like working on the set:. "...the reality of the experience was a great pleasure. It was special in every way, because the people who make the movie and are in the movie are all so impressive."

Still no word on whom Alice will play. It could be Elizabeth Dehner, but it really could be anyone. Heck, maybe she's playing Roberta Lincoln.... Anyway, Alice goes on to describe the script for Darkness.

"The whole script is immaculately written - I read it in one sitting, and I just had the film in my head. It's that articulate and specific and imaginative."

You can check the full article and interview over at Digital Spy.

(Source: Digital Spy)

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