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Star Trek's LeVar Burton "On The Verge" This Monday

Star Trek's LeVar Burton "On The Verge" This Monday

Our favorite engineer & child literacy advocate, LeVar Burton, will be on a brand new episode of "On The Verge" this Monday (June 25th). Recorded live yesterday in New York City, in this episode LeVar discusses his brand new Reading Rainbow app for the iPad as well as his Trek fame and of all things, Gary Busey. From the clip we've seen, LeVar is stellar as always. Oh, and he's freaking hilarious. You can catch the episode on this Monday.

Episode description:
In this jam-packed episode of On The Verge, our own Joshua Topolsky sits down with the legendary LeVar Burton to talk about his new Reading Rainbow app, life as a meme, his Star Trek fame, and… Gary Busey. Does LeVar channel his inner Geordi when Josh sets the mood with the distinctive hum of the Enterprise? You'll have to wait until the full episode appears on Monday.

Check out a clip from the episode below

(Source: The Verge)

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