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Star Trek's LeVar Burton Rear-ended By Police. Still Cool Under Pressure.

LeVar Burton, what can we say? He's a class act even when faced with TMZ cameras after a small fender-bender involving a police car. According to TMZ, LeVar was being pulled over for a moving violation yesterday when he was rear-ended by a patrol car. Good news is that no one got hurt and LeVar wasn't cited for the moving violation.

LeVar has had a rough few years when it comes to motor vehicles. Back in July of 2009 he was involved in another accident when a 74 year-old motorist pulled out in front of him. About that accident, LeVar tweeted "The Kunta-mobile has been declared "total loss" by my insurance company. I'll miss that car..." Good to know that the Geordi-mobile (we just made that up) only had a dented passenger side rear bumper.

"It's been a long time since I took driver's education, but one thing I do remember is that whenever you rear-end somebody it's always your fault." Said LeVar at the scene. Two things to note from the video (embedded below)... 1. LeVar is wearing a reading rainbow shirt and 2. He's as cool as cucumber soup. In fact, that's exactly what LeVar said when he first met Patrick Stewart, but I digress... Check out the full video below.


Hat-tip to Cmdr. Torkadon

(source TMZ)

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