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Patrick Stewart Prefers Television Fights To Those On The Stage

Patrick Stewart Prefers Television Fights To Those On The Stage

Captain Jean Luc Picard is better know for his diplomacy and wit than his sheer brawn and fighting prowess. Not to say that he didn't throw down on occasion, but he was quicker to talk and think than punch an advisory in the throat. We'll leave the double jump kicks to Captain Kirk. It appears though, that Patrick Stewart would rather double jump kick a Gorn than face a crazed actor in a Shakespearian play. In an interview for Radio Times (via Belfast Telegraph), the on-screen Captain reveals that fight scenes on the stage frighten him.

"Fight scenes frighten me more than anything. I have been unlucky enough to work with one or two crazy actors and I have been hurt when they lose control," he continues: "On TV and film everything feels safe and properly done whereas on stage you can find yourself alone with a battleaxe-wielding actor when the red mist descends over his eyes."

Yeah, a battleaxe-wielding anything would be enough to make me soil my space-trousers and I'm definitely no Knight of the Order.

You can check out the full article here.

(Source Belfast Telegraph)

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