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Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Remastered Blu-Ray Set May Be In Stores This July

As we reported back in January, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Next Level was released on Blu-ray. The four episode sampler was the first example of TNG remastered and in high-def. We just learned that a date is being reported for the full remastered first season of Picard & his crew and we could be seeing it as early as July.

After a bit of detective work, TrekCore found a release date on the website that has the blu-ray set ready for launch on July 23rd. No details on pricing and features as of yet, but another source online is showing the discs for £50.99 (GBP). Below is an excerpt from TrekCore's news story.

UK store Sainsburys have advertised on their website an initial price of £50.99 (GBP), equivalent to around $81.00 (USD). If this is representative of the pricepoint for these sets, then they seem very competitive indeed. Most TV-on-BluRay sets retail for around the £50.00 price mark when first released, so it's good to see that CBS are pricing the sets sensibly.

We'll keep you posted when more details are available. You can read the full article here.

(Source TrekCore)

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