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Howard Stern Made "Oh My!" My Signature; Says George Takei

Howard Stern Made "Oh My!" My Signature; Says George Takei

The ever popular and fantastic smelling George Takei was in Seatle over the weekend for Emeral City ComicCon. During the convention he took part in a question and answer panel hosted by none-other-than Danny Bonaduce.. Random, right? Anyway, George answered a few run of the mill questions, but one that peeked our interest was the origin of his signature catch phrase "Ohh Myyy!". According to George; it's something He's used all his life, but didn't become wide spread until The King of all Media got his hands on it.

"I’ve been saying, “Oh, my” all my life. When I started appearing on the Howard Stern show occasionally, he would say some outrageous things, and the only way you could respond to those statements were, “Oh, my.” And he had it on tape, so even when I’m not there. He says something outrageous, and he presses the button, and it plays, “Oh, my.”

George continues: "So Howard Stern is the man who made it my signature. Not me. I just say it all the time. He’s the one who made it a broadcast phenomenon."

Also during the panel, George was asked the pretty standard Star Trek foreshadowing technology question and answered with a pretty remarkable statement about Gene Roddenberry.

"I think Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek, was a change agent because, with his imagination, he visualized the future and made that a goal, a benchmark. And other change agents, like the inventors the engineers, the scientists, the technicians, took that as a goal to strive for, and they with their genius, made that a reality."

We couldn't agree more... You can read more excerpts from George's panel here.

(source GeekWire)

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